The OzGolf Academy also offers a series of programs set up to help High School and College Golf teams to reach their full potential. Working with your golf coach we aim to help teams set up the best possible practice and fitness regimes.

Our service covers all facets of becoming a succesful team by advising your school in:

Video Swing Analysis
- Using state of the art technology and bio-mechanic swing instruction we can help your players further fine tune their swing and help them improve their scoring average, helping both the team and increasing their opportunity of being recruited by a college team.

Improving Team Practice
- We analize the facilities available to your team and put into place a structure that enables all the members of the team to effectivley use their practice time. A teams practice time should include all aspects of the game, not just range time so we show you effective techniques and practices to enable all the players to improve their game.

Course Management
- This is a key to becoming a succesful player and we show your team how to best manage their way on the course. From techniques like visulization, forming a pre-round stratergy from practice rounds and keeping a course statistic book on your players we aim to signifigantly lower your team's scoring average and compete at a higher level.

Training and Fitness
- Working with local golf specific experts we can develop a training and fitness regime for your team and show your players how to train specifically for golf. We also advise the team on the best type of nutrition to increase stamina and focus to make sure that they are as ready to go after 18 holes as after 1.

Team Building Exercises
- Good team moral is critical to building a succesful program. A happy team is a successful team! From simple activities like a team mini golf tournament to establishing a successful leadership program we help your players become a succesful unit.